Monday, 6 June 2016

The Origin Of Photography

Photography is a process process for producing images by the action of light. The patterns of light reflected or emitted by objects recorded in the intermediate susceptible or storage chip through a certain period of exposure. This process is carried out through mechanical devices, chemical or digits known as a camera.

The word photography comes from the Greek word, namely φως phos ("light"), and γραφις graphics ("stylus", "brush painting"), or γραφη Graphe which together means "painting with light" or "painting". By tradition, the result of photography called "images". Digital photography, the term "image" has begun to replace the term "image". (The term "image" is a term tradition in the field of geometric optics. Photography is also known as "shoot" in English.

The process involves two important instruments, namely:

1. Collectors light = Camera
2. Recorders light = film or sensor

Learn Photography From Basic Understanding - Basics Photography & Camera

The following article is review about BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY. Learn photography must understand the basics photography & camera. Hopefully, this articles is useful for all.

Anyone can take pictures.With additional creative mind and hard work, we can create a great photo that shows all the creation and interpretation of what is seen and captured. Well, art capture images using a camera called Photography.

Photography comes from the Latin: photos are light rays. The graphein means writing, drawing or design form. So, photography is widely writing or drawing with light. Pictures of dead or drawings obtained through irradiation with light. This is because creating an image we use a device called a camera, then of course we have to really master these tools also include some basic techniques.

In using the camera we must know what is called the: focus, Shutter, Shutter Speed, Diaphragm (f), Lighting, Lenses, Composition, Film, ISO, filters, etc.

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